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Most of my research can be found at my IDEAS/REPEC page. My IDEAS ranking page is here (updated June 5, 2012).

In this page I classify my papers by topics (in alphabetical order):
  • Applied Microeconomics
  • Economic History
  • International Finance and Macro
  • Macroeconomics: The Great Recession
  • Macroeconomics of Oil Exporting Countries
  • Macroeconomics Using Micro Data
  • Smoking Risks 

Applied Microeconomics

2008. Journal of Development Economics 86(1): 129-146

2012. Economic Development and Cultural Change 60(2): 399-435
One can access the working paper version at MPRA Working Paper 26046.

The Next-Generation: The Long-Term Effects of a Temporary Boost in Local Government Spending (with S. Litschig)
version September 2013, here.

Economic History

Education Performance: Was It All Determined 100 Years Ago? Evidence From São Paulo, Brazil (with Renato P. Colistete)
2010. Presented at the 2010 meeting of the Economic History Association.
You can find a summary of this paper at the bulletin Informações Fipe October 2010 (pp. 10-14).

(its first version had the title 'How Bodo Became Brazilian: European Migration to Southern Brazil Before World War I' and was presented at the 3rd International Conference MIGRATION & DEVELOPPEMENT in Paris, September 10-11, 2010)

International Finance and Macro

Can Foreign Exchange Intervention Stem Exchange Rate Pressures from Global Capital Flow Shocks? (with Olivier Blanchard and Gustavo Adler)
IMF Working Paper 15/?

The Behavior of Currencies During Risk-off Episodes (with Reinout De Bock)
IMF Working Paper 13/8

Risk-off Episodes and Swiss Franc Appreciation: the Role of Capital Flows
Swiss National Bank, Study Center Gerzensee Working Paper 13.07

The Curious Case of the Yen as a Safe Haven Currency: A Forensic Analysis
IMF Working Paper 13/228

Macroeconomics: The Great Recession

28 Months Later: How Inflation Targeters Outperformed Their Peers in the Great Recession
(B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics Topics, Volume 11, Issue 1, Article 22; working paper version was MPRA Working Paper 29100)

Inflation Targeting and the Crisis: An Empirical Assessment
2010. IMF Working Paper 10/45

Macroeconomics of Oil Exporting Countries

The Current Account and Precautionary Savings for Exporters of Exhaustible Resources (with Rudolfs Bems).
2011. Journal of International Economics 84(1), 48-64.
2009. IMF Working Paper 09/33 (that is the updated version, presented at Oxford Centre for the Analysis of Resource Rich Economies 4th Annual Conference, September 15-16 2010).

Exchange Rate Assessments: Methodologies for Oil Exporting Countries (with Rudolfs Bems)
2009. IMF Working Paper 09/281

The Current Account of Oil-Exporting Countries
IMF Research Bulletin Volume 10, Number 3 September 2009

Macroeconomics Using Micro Data

Consumption Based Estimates of Urban Chinese Growth (with Marcos Chamon) 
2014. China Economic Review 29:  126-137.
2013. IMF Working Paper 13/265 

Institutions, Informality, and Wage Flexibility: Evidence from Brazil (with Marcello Estevão)
2012. IMF Working Paper 12/84.

A Micro-Empirical Foundation for the Political Economy of Exchange Rate Populism (with Marcos Chamon)
2008. IMF Staff Papers 55(3): 481-51

The Myth of Post-Reform Income Stagnation: Evidence from Brazil and Mexico (with Marcos Chamon)
2012. Journal of Development Economics 97: 368-386.

The Myth of Post-Reform Income Stagnation in Brazil (with Marcos Chamon)
2006. IMF Working Paper 06/275

Smoking Risks

Smoking Risks in Spain: Part I--Perception of Risks to the Smoker (with Fernando Antonanzas, W. Kip Viscusi)
2000. Journal of Risk and Uncertainty 21(2-3): 161-86.

Smoking Risks in Spain: Part II--Perceptions of Environmental Tobacco Smoke Externalities (with Joan Rovira, Fernando Antonanzas, Joan Costa-I-Font, Warren Hart and W. Kip Viscusi)
2000. Journal of Risk and Uncertainty 21(2-3): 187-212.

Smoking Risks in Spain: Part III--Determinants of Smoking Behavior (with W. Kip Viscusi)
2000. Journal of Risk and Uncertainty 21(2-3): 213-34.


Rudolfs Bems
Dennis Botman
Marcos Chamon
Renato P. Colistete
Reinout De Bock
Marcello Estevão
Raphael W. Lam
Stephan Litschig
Leonardo Monasterio
W. Kip Viscusi

Coming soon:
Gustavo Adler
Olivier Blanchard
Matthieu Bussiere

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